VBAC Education & Support Monthly Workshop

Empower yourself with education, inspire yourself in a community of mothers. In this monthly group, we will… Provide evidence based resources & information, Provide support and encouragement to mom, partners and families, Reduce or eliminate anxiety and fear around choices, Empower mom’s belief in her body and choices, Facilitate guided imagery and hypnosis to help set intentions, Share monthly affirmations and handouts. We meet in a beautiful, calm and empowering environment and have monthly guests and providers to support our clients. For this full service workshop, partner has the option to welcome to join at no additional charge.

April 4th 11:30 am Workshop is $25 and will be facilitated via Zoom.

Please Pre-register at

HypnoBirthing, The Marie Mongan Method

New HypnoBirthing Group 5-Week Series starting soon. Private 5-Week Series also available.

Please contact me to check class dates for registration.

Vision Board Workshop – Reflecting

We are now half-way through the year. Have you missed some chances you wish you had taken? Have you felt out of control because your plan didn’t go as you wish?

The second half of the year can be a new beginning for you. You can regroup, rethink and recenter your energy to make the second half of the year greater that your first!

You will learn how to ground your dreams into goals with gratitude.
Focus your intentions to not only see your visions come alive, but grow in them! Manifest the life you desire. Create habits of gratitude and support that attract more.

Reflect on your 2020 and see your growth and change. As you grow and change, and so can your goals and desires. Create or Adjust your Vision Board in a community of supportive women & mothers, while laughing and connecting in a group that will lift you higher.

You will experience a Positive environment, Guided Imagery and Reflection, Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, Motivating Music and Intentional Goalsetting. You will open your mind and prepare your body to set intentions and create the environment for growth.

Your tomorrow is a reflection of what you focus on today, make it yours.

** We Have Limited Space ** Workshop is $55.00 per attendee and All materials will be provided + Refreshments.

June 6, 2020 2:00-5:00pm Workshop will be facilitated at Midwife & Co.

Please Pre-register at