Transformation through the Power of Expression

The Power Of Expression can lead to incredible transformations.  The following are 6 ways in which you can create lasting transformations through the Power Of Expression.  Learning how to harness this power and use it to the fullest is key.  The following techniques will help you to remember to take time for yourself, to stay focused on your ideas and emotions.  Being aware of how you intend to express yourself is the key to harnessing the Power of Expression.

1… Dance, like no one is watching, and your being is revealing.  Find your favorite music.  Keep it on your phone, your easy access playlist, and take small dance breaks throughout the day.  Allow yourself to express your joys, sadness, anxiety, and more as you go about your day.  This will prevent the build up of emotions that often cause the daily evening crash.

2… Journal.  Write down your thoughts, your intentions, your gratitudes.  Find a calm time and place to write and allow yourself at least 15 minutes for yourself to do this with no interruptions.  Write down what was wonderful, what you were grateful, what you would change and what you would do differently.  Image these things actually happening as you write them, this will breathe power and intention into your journal.

3… Cooking.  Be inventive, take time to select, choose and savor your meal.  Even if it is a 5 ingredient, 30 minute meal, one time per week, take time to select and appreciate the flavors.  Take time to chew and allow yourself to enjoy.  Too often we eat frozen meals, drive thru, or take out, not thinking, feeling or listening to what we want.  After a while, everything tastes the same.  Allow yourself something different and this will be reflected in your expression.

4… Breathing. Not jus daily breathing, but true diaphragmatic breathing.  Sit calmly and allow yourself time in quiet to listen to and feel your breathing.  Breathe in deeply and slowly for a count of 4 and release for a count of 4.  Feel your diaphragm expanding and contracting against your hand, take time to feel your daily emotions, your joys, worries, fears, and desires.  Allow your expressions to be felt in your breath and focus on your change.

5… Art. You may not be Picasso, Monet or Rembrandt, but you have a special artistic quality all your own.   Close your eyes and imagine your emotions and desires on the paper.  Find the artistic medium that you are most comfortable with, crayons, paint, pencils, and do your best.  You might surprise yourself… Some of the most difficult moments, anxieties, nightmares, blocks and more have been resolved through this technique.

6… Using “I Messages”.  Be true to yourself, direct, and assertive.  I Messages will help you to stay focused on your power of intention to express what is important to you.  Use them with friends, family, co-workers and others.  Practice and Role-Play yourself on various difficult situations.

How do you Express yourself ?  Do you already use one of these methods? Go outside your comfort zone, try something that might make your soul sing, connect with yourself, or find a greater peace outside yourself.

Start small, whatever you do is starting the flow of expression. When you begin to allow yourself to feel your emotions, you begin to trust in your ability to do more, to live and to believe that you are capable of greater things.

Have you ever felt stuck and not knowing how or what to do next, it’s a common place we have all been or will be in at some point of our lives.  That point is a powerful point where a release and harnessing of the power of expression will lead to tremendous change and growth.  Self-Expression is a unique and personal experience.  Even if 2 people use the same technique, the result is a direct link to what they need to fulfil for themselves.  On a daily basis, create at least 15 minutes to use the above ideas or create your own.  Take time to reflect on how you felt when you took the time to express yourself and the power and energy that you felt you released.  Do you want more? Your Expressions are very powerful, inspire them, harness them, transform with them…


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