Power of Expression

Expressions are an incredible part of every being that often we do not do justice. When you Mind your Expressions, you become them, you own them, and you are able to grow and inspire change in yourself and others in a powerful way. Over the next few days, we will delve into what using your Power of Expression to the fullest can mean to you.

First, let’s define:

Expression:  noun: expression; plural noun: expressions

1. the process of making known one’s thoughts or feelings.  “his views found expression in his moral sermons”

synonyms: utterance, uttering, voicing, pronouncement, declaration, articulation, assertion, setting forth; dissemination, circulation, communication, spreading, promulgation.  “the free expression of opposition views”

•indication, demonstration, show, exhibition, token; communication, illustration, revelation.  “an expression of sympathy”

•the conveying of feeling in the face or voice, in a work of art, or in the performance of a piece of music.  “eyes empty of expression”

synonyms: emotion, feeling, spirit, passion, intensity; style, intonation, tone.  “these pieces are very different in expression”

2. the look on someone’s face that conveys a particular emotion.  “a sad expression”
synonyms: look, appearance, air, manner, countenance, mien.  “an expression of harassed fatigue”

3. a word or phrase, esp. an idiomatic one, used to convey an idea.  “nowhere is the expression “garbage in, garbage out” any truer”
synonyms: idiom, phrase, idiomatic expression; proverb, saying, adage, maxim, axiom, aphorism, saw, motto, platitude, cliché.  “a timeworn expression”


Now that we understand what it means, we have to look at how it applies to you…

How do you Express yourself ?  We all Express ourselves differently, with different people, in different situations.  Are you utilizing your Power of Expression to the fullest ?  Come back tomorrow to learn 6 ways you can use your Power of Expression to transform your daily life.

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