Mommy’s Corner

Ever wonder where you can find a safe place, a fun place to figure it all out? A place where you can find simple and effective ways to make it more manageable? Mommy Expressions is the child born from The Expression Center. A place where your experiences do not define you, but inspire you to break through the difficulties and challenges and ignite the spark to your personal power. Through Mommy Expressions, our goal is that you have a place to be yourself, enjoy yourself, grow, learn, and relax.

We will get together virtually for the mom who’s favorite place is the playroom floor or the couch during naptime.

Join us for weekly Hangouts to discuss:
Information, strategies and blogs to inspire and support you in your journey of motherhood.
Find support for anxiety, stress management, and beating the blues.
Heal your past birth experiences and find ways to create a new story for future births.
Creating your individualized parenting style and feeling confident in it.
Help setting routines, understanding your child, and thinking outside the checklist.
Discussing products, toys, and books to make your days go by with giggles & joy!
Ideas for meal planning and delicious, healthy and easy recipes that I use with my family.
Learning how to take a break to yourself, yes, it is possible.
Putting the spark back into you relationship.
Feeling HOT, no, not a fresh cup of coffee, YOU feeling HOT!
And more…

As you relax, laugh, dance, and enjoy your time with other moms just like you…


You’ll have a chance to visit with Awesome Moms that are doing the same thing you are doing each and every day. Also, get to know moms making a difference by helping and supporting other moms through their activities, community involvement or businesses!

Invite your mom friends, it’s the place for moms to let their hair down and have fun!

Know a mom with a great story or business that would like to lead a Mommy Virtual Coffee Hangout, contact me today