Ground yourself in Grace & Gratitude.

We were all looking forward to Spring Break! The kids were excited for the time off from school and the parents were looking forward to less laundry and traffic. Some had vacations planned and others just had to plans take it easy and some just had plans to go with life as usual. Regardless of our plans, COVID-19 had others…

Our lives have been thrown into pause with much uncertainty ahead. Spring Break is no longer what we look forward to, because our opportunities are no longer possible. We now look forward to our health & wellbeing, our happiness, and our peace. So much going on, and just to name some, kids are doing virtual schooling via Zoom or other platforms, parents working from home – or at least trying to as they also have to be parents and teachers assistants, making meals all day, and laundry, it doesn’t end just because a Virus has us on pause… So how do we make sense of it all?

In a Newsweek article, David Cates Ph.D., says, “Being together in a small space for a much longer period than usual under stressful conditions means more opportunities to amplify both positive and negative dynamics.” It’s easy for the positive and negative behaviors and emotions to get out of hand. Routines are broken, children and couples are around each other for longer that they are used to, and it becomes difficult to separate from the situation. During this time, it’s important pay attention to the things that the kids are doing right and what is flowing well, the things people in your home are doing right and the little things that make daily life easier or more pleasant. Equally so, notice the things might annoy you, the moments that may be more stressful, perhaps meal times, and what needs adjusting throughout your day to make it go calmer. Don’t forget to notice the good things!

Grace and Gratitude are your keys to success in this difficult time. Life as we know it has been turned upside down, with doubt and uncertainty on our minds. Appreciate what others are doing well, what is going right and what brings you joy. Speak words of encouragement and empowerment. Understand that not everything is going to go well every day, but you can course correct along the way. Learn each day about what your partner and your kids need, work to communicate with them to share what went well and what they can work on.

Too often we don’t notice ourselves as we go through the motions. Too often we lose ourself in the daily life and feel overwhelmed when we finally catch up, if ever… Understand that as a mom and partner, your life has changed too for this moment, but you can do this to make each day better than the last. The media can be a beast and can throw at us more information than we are able to receive at any given moment. Our friends, family, and social media can further overwhelm us, but you can set standards to not allow other’s opinions to affect your wellbeing, or that of your household.

The actions and emotions of grace & gratitude alone are enough to provide you with growth and perspective to guide you each day. Most importantly, remember to give yourself grace & gratitude for all you are and all you do. Take each moment at a time and to take a breath if needed. Write your daily gratitudes every morning or evening, truly take time to process this and allow it to fill you. Write down your struggles and note how you are giving yourself grace for this today. Ground yourself in grace & gratitude. You will see a great difference… don’t believe it? Give yourself 15 minutes, each day to do this and you’ll see! Make a difference in your day, each day and your tomorrow will be better for it.

Wishing you well today and every day.

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